Rusty Knox

My life has always been filled with stories. From a very young age, growing up in Davidson, NC, I've had people around me that always had a story to tell. Having a large family, over 30 first cousins, holidays seemed to be an endless time of storytelling. My great grandmother was filled with stories about life in a much simpler time. I used to thead needles for her, while she would quilt and tell stories for hours. In my dad's family, with five uncles and two aunts, it was hard to do any talking, just alot of listening. Anyone who knows me now though, knows that I've made up for lost time in the area of talking. Listening is highly underrated. I find sounds that I like and build my stories of song around them. Theory and chord progression are are actually new to me, since I play by ear. The lyrics and sounds that I create in my mind actually come out easier than you would think. I look at the foundations for my songs and realize that they are stories from my past. Some are very special, some are just everyday occurences; some are about people and places, but all are about life. My life so far has been a great and fulfilled one. The songs on "Reason Why" are songs that I hope people can relate to. They are not intricate phrases filled with symbolism and metaphors, just good stories to listen to. My goal was to produce a product that could cross genres and appeal to a wide group of listeners. I feel that is what I ended up with. So take a listen... I hope you like what you hear.