Our Vanishing Americana

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to participate in the shooting of a wonderful documentary about North Carolina called Our Vanishing Americana. Produced by Mike Lassiter and Directed by Scott Galloway, the documentary hit on some of the more interesting people and places that Mike visited and photographed over a six year, thirty thousand mile journey through all 100 counties in North Carolina. His book, also titled Our Vanishing Americana, was the end result of this incredible trip and the documentary soon followed. Mike sought out places that are near and dear to all of us; places that bring back fond memories and rekindle the stories that we were told as children. These are the places that are being replaced daily by big box stores, malls and subdivisions. The people that own, run or work these respective businesses are also a vanishing breed of individual. If you get a chance to see this documentary, you will ceratinly not be disappointed. It pulls at your heart as you yearn for the simplicity, conversation and stories of years gone by. You do not have to be from North Carolina to understand and appreciate the message. Any of these places and any of these peopleĀ could just as easily be from your hometown.